How did you get into design?

I've been into drawing & painting most of my life, but I had never really played around with Photoshop until one of my friends from high school, asked me to help him design a bunch of T-shirts for a small T-shirt company he wanted to start. That gave me a reason to begin reading and watching tutorials about Photoshop. Which lead me to discover the wonderful world of graphic design.

Did you go to college?

Yea, In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Las Vegas.

What have you been doing since college?

I spent the first few years after college helping create innovative digital marketing campaigns (Banners, social assets, responsive sites and games) with the talented team at Sony Pictures Interactive. Then nearly two years building video streaming apps and services at And a year helping make enterprise level cyber security software more user friendly with the Enterprise UX team at Symantec. Currently I am working with the Classic Games team at Blizzard Entertainment.

Do you do any development?

I know enough HTML, CSS, and Javascript to read and make changes to another person's code if I need to, but I prefer to leave the coding to the a professional if it's available.

What is your ideal work environment?

I prefer to work in a fast paced environment, with a kick ass team, where the work is challenging and diverse.

Do you do any freelance / side work?

I do, on occasion, some stuff on the side, but generally I try to use my free time to learn new skills or find fun hobbies.

Anything you are currently learning?

Yea! I've been working to build up my 2D/3D Concepting skills by deep diving into Blender and getting back to the basics of Drawing/painting.

You talked about hobbies earlier, do you have any?

Yea, I've always been really into video games and movies, but in 2012 I started running long distance and rock climbing. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for reading and If you want to know anything else about my work experience, please download My Resume!