Beachbody OnDemand Multi-platform app

In early 2015 I was asked to take the lead on a new project for one of our newer clients, Beachbody. Beachbody is California-based and one of the most popular fitness and weight loss companies out there with a large number of users worldwide. They're most well known for fitness plans like P90X, INSANITY, and Hip-Hop Abs. Up to this point the majority of their business was done through DVD sales. 

Internally, at Beachbody, they were working on a new OnDemand product that would give users access to their workouts on any connected device that has access to a browser. The one problem with this was that they wanted a way to give users the choice to watch these workouts on a TV through Roku, FireTV, and Chromecast. 

That’s where we came in. This was a rather interesting project for a couple reasons. First, the client had an extremely tight deadline launching on all platforms in just three months, in time for Coach Summit 2015. Second, They had a tight budget which meant we couldn’t get too crazy with custom designs. I was given the task of taking existing templates and make them work for both Roku and FireTV. Then design a Chromecast experience that would work with their already existing web platform.

Normally I would begin a project like this with sketches and wireframes, but since the deadline was so tight and we had to use existing templates, we began with visual designs.

For Roku, we ended up using a Roku system template with some modification and then applied Beachbody’s branding to it. For FireTV, we took a template we had created for one of our European clients and modified it to meet the needs of the client. Then applied the same branding that we used for Roku. For Chromecast, I had to do a bit of research as I was unfamiliar with this platform. I worked with our lead developer going back and forth until we found a design that would offer a great user experience and be feasible within the client’s deadline.

After a couple weeks of back and forth with the client and developers, we locked designs and I wrote up UX documentation for each platform. This documentation was used by the developers to understand how the layouts worked and where everything links to within the app.

We ended up meeting our late June deadline and launching with a week to spare before the clients big event. Overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot about the things that can and can’t be done with the templates we chose. As well what can be done on Chromecast. If you have the chance, check out the Beachbody OnDemand app on Roku or FireTV.