GoPro Roku App Concept

In January 2015, I was approached by our sales director about doing designs for a proposal. This proposal was for GoPro. A company well known for it's Small and durable cameras that are popular in many facets of sports and entertainment. 

GoPro was looking for a development company to build a Roku application that would look and feel close to their current applications that exist on Xbox360 and the web. The main purpose was to allow users to view videos that were shot with a GoPro camera and then buy products that were used in the making of the video They were watching.

This was an interesting idea, as Ecommerce is something that isn’t done too often on Roku. I was told that the emphasis was to make something highly customized and very easy for a user to just hangout on the couch and watch a bunch of videos. 

The designs are based around playlists, which allow a user to view many videos in a row instead of selecting one video at a time. The other thing was to have a playlist running in the background as if the user was watching TV. Then aside from the Store link in the main navigation bar, we also decided to include a store icon within the player so a user could buy products related to the video directly in the player.

Unfortunately GroPro decided to go with a different team, but I learned a lot about a cool company and this project made me think in couple new ways about how and what can be done on a platform like Roku.

If I could go back and do something different, I would have paired up with one of our lead Roku developers and worked with them to build a proof of concept. This would have probably helped us explain our concept a bit better as well as instill more confidence that we could deliver on what we were promising.

Click for a sample UX doc for this project